CD: Tatsuro Ogata / AD: Tomohisa Kishida
Motion Graphics: Yuki Matsuoka, Tomohisa Kishida, Shun Yamaguchi
Shoot: Naojiro Yasui, Yasuhiko Matsumae
Music: Banvox
Song: Masako Nozawa (Aoni Production) , Cypress Ueno
Sound FX & Mix : Satoru Okubo (PLUS SIGNAL)
Production: Composition Inc.
Client: NEXON Co.,Ltd
Copyright © 2009 NEXON Korea Corporation and NEXON Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
My Role: Motion graphics, typography animation.

 I was asked to create the motion lyrics for this music video. One of the objectives was to create type motions that feels
part of this game. Therefore, we decided to use the pixelated fonts that looked similar to the fonts that were used in this game.
 In the animation phase, we wanted to create motions that was interesting (not necessarily readable), and caries the pixelated 

feelings, low-frame-rate, Windows-95-like-feeling, combined with current motion graphic feelings to it.
 After examining great masterpieces such as Yaniv Fridman's Shopify Learning Tools MontageBuild a Bigger Business - Shopify / Tony Robbinsm, and Whitelight Motion's Future City - Mindpark 2018 Promo | 未來城市:創意大會), I started exploring some motions based on those references.
Final Animation
Here are some of the type animations I have worked on.
Final Frames
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